Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation

Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation

The Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation section at our office is involved with many aspects of wills and estate planning. At our firm we focus on our clients’ and their intended beneficiaries’ long-term financial and estate planning requirements, as well as addressing more immediate personal, financial, or estate or trust-related matters.

By leveraging our significant expertise in estate and trust planning, families passing significant assets to the next generation can count on our expert advice so they can feel confident about the security and ultimate disposition of their assets.

Our lawyers work closely with their clients to design and establish various trusts, such as gift, grantor, qualified personal residence, life insurance, grantor retained interest, charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts, minor’s trusts, supplemental needs and special needs trusts. Some of Our clients include individuals, business owners and their families, companies, trust companies, and charitable and not-for profit organizations.

Estate Litigation with wide ranging expertise in estate and trust related disputes, including: 

    • estate planning
    • estate and trust administration 
    • validity or interpretation of wills, capacity, undue influence,
    • appointment or removal of estate trustees, 
    • dependant support applications, 
    • spousal equalization claims, 
    • claims in trust, breaches of trust, 
    • guardianship applications, 
    • power of attorney,
    • passing of accounts.

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