Police Law & Liability

Police Law & Liability

The growing public disillusionment in our police services and their functioning in the communities they serve has given rise to scrutiny by our civil courts, Human Rights Tribunals and public oversight bodies, including coroner’s inquests.

We pride ourselves on cultivating excellent advice and advocacy to exercise and defend your rights from any police misconduct or malpractice. 

We defend a variety of claims, including:

  • shootings
  • arrests, including false arrests
  • use of force
  • police pursuits
  • dealings with confidential informants
  • malicious prosecution
  • negligent investigation
  • racial profiling
  • joint forces investigations 
  • damages claimed under the Charter of Rights
  • custodial deaths and assaults
  • coroner’s inquests
  • lost or damaged property
  • failure to warn about or apprehend criminals
  • motor vehicle liability claims
  • abuse of public office
  • the adequacy of or improper conduct by court security officers
  • covert police operations
  • emergency response units

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