Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Our firm provides a full range of legal services for individuals and families of people who have been catastrophically injured or killed. Such injuries may have been sustained in an accident, as a result of using defective products, or as a result of negligence. 

We provide free initial consultations, flexible retainer arrangements, up-front medical-legal investigations, and aggressive prosecution of viable claims. From investigation of the facts to prosecution of the case, many of personal injury cases involve:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Accident benefits 
  • Fatalities
  • Product liability 
  • Property and casualty disputes

Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse is a particular form of personal injury, whether it was an isolated incident or a long-term situation. Such a lawsuit can be brought against both the abuser and responsible individuals or institutions. 

Criminal injuries compensation

Through Criminal injuries compensation you may be eligible to access supports for immediate and urgent needs such as:

  • Emergency home safety expenses 
  • Practical assistance expenses 
  • Travel, medical and related expenses 
  • Crime scene clean-up 
  • Short-term counselling services
  • Supports required for serious injuries
  • Basic funeral expenses and other financial support for families of homicide victims

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