Employment and Labor

Employment and Labor

Our employment segment delivers advice on a full range of workforce-related issues, including all matters of employment and labour disputes, on-going compliance and advisory matters as well as complex transactions. 

 To achieve these objectives, it’s essential for employers to stay up-to-date on the latest employment trends in areas such as workforce restructuring, reward programs and pension. 

Our legal team covers a wide range of matters from, from structuring employment contracts, to dismissals, human rights complaints, disability accommodations, pay equity, occupational health and safety, privacy/data protection, collective agreements, and workplace safety and insurance issues.  

We provide insightful and results-oriented legal advice and representation on all aspects of employment and labour law before Labour boards, tribunals, arbitrations, mediations and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Our comprehensive services include advice and representation relating to:

    • Employment & Human Rights
    • Labour relations
    • Offers of employment, contracts, and agreements
    • Collective agreement negotiations 
    • Business immigration
    • Hours of work, overtime, public holiday and vacation entitlements
    • Workplace discipline and termination
    • Maternity, parental and other leaves of absence
    • Illness, disability and accessibility
    • Workplace injuries and their reporting
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Pay Equity complaints and appeals
    • Responding to applications for employee reinstatement rights, 
    • Wrongful dismissal litigation, including mediation and injunctive proceedings
    • Workplace policies and handbooks
    • Restrictive covenants, including litigation relating to fiduciary duties and oppression actions.


Our firm also work closely with the Pensions & Benefits to deliver bespoke legal solutions on increasingly sophisticated and complex pension executive compensation matters.

Combine the largest generation of workers ever to approach retirement with a worldwide epidemic of austerity measures across virtually all sectors and unpredictable pension fund deficits have made pension risk management a high priority for employers.

At Rehman Law, we can assist with all types of pension and retirement plans. frequently review, interpret, draft and negotiate pension and benefit plans, executive compensation arrangements, retirement compensation arrangements, employee share ownership plans, deferred income arrangements, profit-sharing plans and many other types of agreements to ensure compliance with current and emerging governance standards.

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